Plica-chan / Purika-chan
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Artists: Amamiya sae
Genres: Yuri
Translated language: English
Original work: Ongoing
<p>Plica-chan is the bittersweet, realistic story of Plica, a young lesbian looking for love in modern Japan. Emphasis on the bitter, rather than the sweet - not because Plica doesn't find love, don't get me wrong! Bitter 'cause she's just a bitter kind of gal. The manga, which is written in 4-panel strip style, originally ran in Anise magazine, and now runs in the LOUD News, the newsletter for the LOUD organization. It can also be found online. Plica's comments are often on the nature of sexuality, the relationships between men and women, and between women and women. The whole strip starts on a low note, as Plica returns from an ex-lover's wedding. But not too long into it, Plica meets Mari, for whom she starts to have feelings pretty soon. But, like most butches, Plica is too unsure to try anything. Thank goodness femme Mari is, like so many femmes, perfectly willing to go after what she wants. She and Plica have been together since. As I said, it's a bittersweet comic - rather more real than fanciful, so don't expect roses and lillies. :-) The art takes some getting used to if you're used to the more traditional manga style but it's good to take a break from the usual now and then. :-) From</p>
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