A Story of Long Ago / Cups / I Dreamt of a Delicious Little Finger / Imagination / The Dreamer / The Edge of the Sky, to the Furthest Horizon / White Room / 昔の話
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Authors: Fujiwara kaoru
Artists: Fujiwara kaoru
Genres: Josei(W) , Drama , Supernatural
Translated language: Spanish
Original work: Completed
A collection of short stories.<br /><br />• White Room<br />Angels exist in both black and white. The white angels have pleasant jobs, like making flowers bloom and warning people of danger. The black angels have ugly jobs, like making people sick. When she was a child, the black angel Lily admired the white angels, and now as an adult she's decided she wants to be one.<br /><br />• A Story of Long Ago<br />Long ago, an angel born from a daughter and her mother's lover remembers back to when she was born.<br /><br />• The Dreamer<br />A girl dreams the same dreary dream every night, and meets a blind man who describes a blue sky to her. She searches for the blue sky.<br /><br />• Imagination<br />Envious of the boy who always places first in her art school, she snaps at him, only to realize how wrong she was to do so.<br /><br />• I Dreamt of a Delicious Little Finger<br />Dreaming that in a dream, your body parts turned to bread...!<br /><br />• Cups<br />A depressed girl, seeing that her kitten is pregnant, works so that she will have money to afford kittens, only to find tragedy.<br /><br />• The Edge of the Sky, to the Furthest Horizon<br />A man searches for his true love.
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