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Genres: Ecchi , Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Horror , Mystery , Psychological , Romance , Sci-Fi
Translated language: French
Original work: Ongoing
Robot is a series of books containing the art of various Asian artists, created by Range Murata.<br /><br />Range Murata's "Robot Volume One"<br />Chronological Release Order:<br /><br />1. Sho-u Tajima: Angels at the Planetarium<br />2. Mami Itou: Carogna<br />3. Yoshitoshi Abe: Wasteland<br />4. Miggy: Dream of the Empty Cage<br />5. Haccan: Eventyr<br />6. Makoto Kobayashi: Dragon's Heaven<br />7. Yu Kinutani: Angels<br />8. Ugetsu Hakua: Primary Color Book<br />9. Mie Nekoi: Clash! - Revenge of Hunk Kung Fu vs. Ugly Kung Fu - Find a Groom!<br />10. Okama: Oputon<br />11. Shigeki Maeshima: Dragon Fly<br />12. Kei Sanbe: Moonlight<br />13. Yasuto Miura: Biting Summer Play<br />14. Range Murata: Groundpass Drive<br />15. Hiroyuki Asada: Pez & Hot Strawberry<br />16. Sabe: There Goes Suzume Robo!!<br />17. Shin Nagasawa: Sedouka<br />18. YUG: Hemohemo<br />19. Hanaharu Naruco: Picnic<br />20. Suzuhito Yasuda: Ebony & Ivory<br />21. Robot Volume One
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