STAR★Right☆ / Star Right dj - Star Right
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Authors: Ougi yuzuha
Artists: Ougi yuzuha
Genres: Yaoi(BL)
Translated language: English
Original work: Completed
From Yes_Rhade: Vol 1 - Maxime is Japan's top pop group right now, gaining fans everywhere. Mari and Kyouhei are idols, band mates, and sex friends... or is it more than that? Vol 2 - Kyouhei and Mari enjoy some hot pot and some other yummy, hawt action after they both broke their prior dates. Is this true love or was their meeting planned? Vol 3 - Maxime is getting ready for the tour, and Kyouhei needs a lot more practice. Producer Chiba steps in and arranges for Kyouhei to get extra training from the group's couch. The training will separate Kyouhei and Mari for 2 weeks. But what are Chiba's real intentions? Vol 4 - Kyouhei has been at high-intensity training camp for a week to build up his endurance for the upcoming tour, but during this time, Sanbo-sensei hasn't allowed Mari to visit... at the request of Chiba. What is Chiba up to? What will Kyouhei and Mari do if they can't see each other? Vol 5 - Mari decides to go back to his old habits and cause scandals since he can't see Kyouhei. Chiba isn't happy since Maxime's future may be in danger due to Mari's behavior. But to save Maxime, Kyouhei is willing to always be Mari's "sex friend". Can you say "miscommunication"? 
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Volume 01 Chapter 005 : (End)
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Volume 01 Chapter 004
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Volume 01 Chapter 003
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Volume 01 Chapter 002
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Volume 01 Chapter 001
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