Kumiho / Nine Tails Fox / Reborn Kumiho / Shingumiho / The Old Fox
Rank: 108140th, it has 0 monthly / 9.7K total views.
Authors: Han hyun dong
Artists: Han hyun dong
Genres: Shounen(B) , Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Supernatural
Translated language: English
Original work: Ongoing
Shin Gumiho (Shin meaning "new" and Gumiho meaning "old fox") begins with its origins based on Korean folklore. The 9-tailed demon fox, Gumiho, wishes to change into a human in order to keep her promise to the one she loved. However, right before she turns into a human, a vengeful demon-purger arrives and seals her into a sword. Now, in present day Korea, a young boy has found the sword and its contents. Gumiho is reawakened, but what will she do now?
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