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Genres: Shounen , Action , Adventure
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We are in year 2035 on the Tinos planet (colonized 300 years before from some earthlings), abandoned to if same from the land government and hour in preda to one spreading crime supported from folto a group of policemen corrupts. Given the characteristics it acclimatizes them of Tinos, the human beings are forced to wear a maintenance apparatus that supplies necessary oxygen to the survival, and the clandestine commerce of apparatuses steals to you is a lot flourishing between the gangs of criminals.
Blue is diciassettene the protagonist of the history and is to the search of a new sostentatore, but imbatte in a group of criminals without scrupoli that trick it vendendogli a defective apparatus and, tricked from the head of the Weiser police, it comes killed in an ambush.
The Fatsy robot decides of donargli a new body and all the acquaintance whom it has stored in 300 years.
Blue rinasce therefore in new a powerful mechanical body decided to be revenged and protect all those who is overwhelmed from the tyranny of Weiser.

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Chapter 31 : (END)
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