Đấu La Đại Lục / Combat Continent / Dou Luo Da Lu / Doulou Dalu / Soul land / 斗罗大陆
Rank: 8467th, it has 131 monthly / 11924 total views.
Genres: Shounen , Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Romance
Release status: Ongoing
Tang San was a talented apprentice to the great Tang Sect. Due to mastering the forbidden Tang arts, he was pressured to jump off a cliff and died. However, he was reborn into another world filled with Essence Spirits. At the age of six, every person will have their essence spirit awoken. Spirits can take many forms: weapons, plants, and animals; They can help people with their daily lives. Outstanding spirits can be trained to engage in combat. A spirit master is the soul and heart of the Combat Continent! When Tang San turns six, a huge surprise awaits him. His peaceful life in this new world will change completely.<br /><br /><br />Official Webcomic:<br />http://www.u17.com/comic/71064.html<br /><br /><br />Sequel: https://bato.to/comic/_/comics/douluo-dalu-ii-jueshui-tangmen-r12720