Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! / Kenshi wo Mezashite Nyuugaku shita no ni Mahou Tekisei 9999 nan desu kedo!? / But My Magical Aptitude is 9999!? / I Applied as a Swordsman, But My Magic Aptitude is 9999?! / I Went to School to be a Swordswoman / 以剑士为目标入学但魔法适性却有9999!? / 剣士を目指して入学したのに魔法適性9999なんですけど!? / 明明是以剑士为目标入学的 魔法适性却有9999 / 검사를 목표로 입학했는데 마법 적성 9999라고요?!
Rank: 5243rd, it has 489 monthly / 111018 total views.
Authors: Nenjuu / Mugichatarou / Ijou / Iiman
Genres: Japanese , Shoujo ai , Shounen , Action , Fantasy , Loli , School Life , Slice of Life
Read direction: Right to Left
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2017
Laura, who had learned special education to become a swordsman from her A-Rank adventurer father, enters the Royal Capital’s Adventurer’s School at 9-years old. Laura was filled with expectation in her heart, and at the day of the entrance ceremony, Laura’s sword aptitude value sprang out at 107. Between normal students with only 50-60 aptitude value, Laura was definitely a sword genius. But, the magic aptitude value that was measured after that was 9999! Laura was stunned, while she didn’t know what was happening she was transferred to the Magic Department. Contrary to Laura’s will, she exerts her super-genius, and instantly became stronger than the instructors.

Chapters (30)

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