I'll Be Gay! Body Switcharoo / ゲイナル! 只今入れ替わり中
Rank: 3721st, it has 383 monthly / 38183 total views.
Genres: Japanese , Yaoi , Mature , Smut
Release status: Ongoing
MPCRS(?): G - Prohibited for persons under 18
From Renta:
Super narcissist Sho Narumiya. Bottom-who-can't-cum Kei Nijimoto. The two wake up on white hospital beds. After trying to move their sore bodies, the first thing they lay eyes on is themselves...! There's Sho, who's freaked out about a stranger being in his body, and Kei, who appears too calm to notice any danger. While at each other's throats, Sho's hand suddenly touches Kei (his own body), and he receives a very seductive response... "I can fool around with my own body...!" The man who loves himself more than anything versus the man who hates himself more than anything!! Enjoy this unprecedented yet hilarious and exciting boys' love story!
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