Chiteura / Chitra: Ikemen wo Gacha suru Hakushaku / La vie virtuelle de Chitra et son majordome / Qila De Mei Nan Tujian / チトラ〜イケメンをガチャする伯爵〜 / 琪拉的美男图鉴 / 琪拉的美男圖鑒 / Citra
Rank: 40th, it has 28592 monthly / 101424 total views.
Authors: Tae sun / Leffe
Genres: Korean , Josei , Shoujo , Drama , Fantasy , Isekai , Magic , Reverse Harem , Romance
Release status: Ongoing
I spent years preparing for the civil service exam.
But I can’t believe I died so unfairly…!

Is that so?
I was reborn as a beautiful countess.
I even got the ability to play games from the God of Beauty.
Yes, I have the ability to draw for characters.

I have become the apostle of the God of Beauty and benefited the world widely by drawing out ultra rare characters. 

[Super Duper Ultra Special Rare-!!!]

Let's fill the world with handsome men to benefit all the women!

Chapters (85)

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