I don’t want to be Empress! / إمبراطورة؟ إمبراطورة! / Hwangbinim? Hwangbinim! / Impératrice ? Impératrice ! / Keep Alive to the End / TÔI KHÔNG MUỐN TRỞ THÀNH NỮ HOÀNG / ¿Emperatriz? ¡Emperatriz! / ฉันไม่อยากเป็นจักรพรรดินี! / 황비님? 황비님! / 反派皇妃求保命
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Genres: Korean , Shoujo , Fantasy , Historical , Isekai , Romance
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Release status: Ongoing
Ever since being transported into the world of a book she read, Leana has had one goal: stay on the emperor's good side and avoid being sent to prison! Sure, she agreed to marry him and become his empress consort for a pampered life of luxury, but she's determined not to make the same mistakes as her antagonistic story character. But for some reason, things in the story keep changing -- new characters, unexpected events... Can Leana get this story back on track, or is she in for a plot-twist?
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