Wayward Little Lamb / 不純な迷える子羊くん
Rank: 1075th, it has 6678 monthly / 109186 total views.
Genres: Japanese , Josei , Smut , Romance
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2018
Year of Complete: 2020
MPCRS(?): G - Prohibited for persons under 18
At a friend's request, Midori agrees to see a male college student, Sosuke, for relationship counseling. Normally she only accepts female clients, but worried for Sosuke, she agrees to be his girlfriend for a day and offer dating pointers. Sosuke's clumsiness and kindness strike a chord, and before she knows it, the two are standing in front of a hotel. He asks for more private help with his relationship. Is he serious!? Midori's bad habits kick in, and she finds herself following him inside...
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Chapters (7)

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