My Serious Boss Turns into a Wild Beast When He's Drunk! / 真面目上司がお酒を飲んだら野獣に豹変!?
Rank: 1965th, it has 1163 monthly / 51882 total views.
Authors: An nirasaki
Genres: Japanese , Josei , Mature , Smut , Romance
Release status: Completed
Year of Release: 2015
MPCRS(?): G - Prohibited for persons under 18
My extremely serious older boss has turned into a super sexy beast!? I'm tied to the bed and he stirs me inside as I obscenely overflow with naughty juices... On her way home after drinks with colleagues, office worker Momoko Misono realizes she forgot her phone, and heads back to the bar... There, she finds a man collapsed next to the dumpster. She tries to check on him, and it turns out to be her boss, Mr. Sakaguchi!! The ever-serious Mr. Sakaguchi, who's kind of hard to approach... "Have you forgotten what your boss looks like?" he asks, but... she's never seen him like this before! He half-drags her to a hotel, and the fact that he's so different from his usual self draws her in... She just can't say no! Actually, she wants more! Her older boss is toying with Momoko using his special techniques...!!