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Genres: Japanese , Josei , Drama , Romance
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Mina is stunned when she sees a multimillionaire backer at her company's charity benefit. It's none other than her former boss Cesare! Mina was his secretary four years ago. She worked hard to gain his approval and do her job well...but she found herself attracted to him and they ended up spending a night together. That night was like a dream for her, but the next morning she woke up alone. Several days later, she received an abrupt letter saying that she was fired! Cesare disappeared from her life for several years and Mina moved on, but now he's back... Oblivious to the pain he caused her, Cesare calls her a con artist and accuses her of stealing money from the company!
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I personally didn't like it but I had already bought this and others might enjoy it

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Chapter 1
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