Rank: 2173rd, it has 2059 monthly / 15485 total views.
Authors: Chabasu
Genres: Japanese , Yaoi , Smut , Drama , Romance
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2018
MPCRS(?): G - Prohibited for persons under 18
38-year-old businessman Masami has the best boyfriend in the world.
Tora's tall,built,and super hot! More than anything,he's incredibly kind.
It's no wonder Masami relies on him so much.
He even has four other boyfriends besides Tora,but Tora doesn't seem to mind. He always welcomes Masami with a warm smile and a gentle kiss. But,what if Tora has other guys on the side,too...?
Is that why he's so "understanding" about Masami's other lovers? Read on to find out...!! Original uploaded at Bato. Localization by : Renta
Payita will continue to upload this manga!!!

Rating : 18+