Scenes〜舞台の裏で〜 / За кадром / 씬
Rank: 2512th, it has 1641 monthly / 8927 total views.
Authors: Monologue
Genres: Korean , Webtoon , Shounen ai , Yaoi , Mature , Drama , Psychological , Romance
Release status: Completed
Korea’s hunkiest top model Woo Taeyoung has decided to try his hand at acting once more. No more of those teen heartthrob roles, Taeyoung has his eyes set on a much more…mature role. And when he finds out his idol, the dreamy Koo Min-ki, is set to be one of the main actors of the film, he is even more determined to get the role as his co-star. The two seem to have a natural chemistry with each other…both on and off screen. Will this end up helping their performances? Or will it cause their worlds to come crashing down?
It's completed, I have all chapters but I'm taking a small break from uploading. I'm planning to complete it though so please wait. Thank you for your patience.
— Manga01