Sincerely : I Became a Duke's Maid / 날것: 공작가의 하녀로 빙의했습니다 / 公爵家のメイドに憑依しました / 重生:公爵家的女仆 / Bỗng trở thành cô hầu nhà Công tước / Sinceramente: Me convertí en la criada del duque / Unripened: I Became the Maid of the Duke's Family
Rank: 76th, it has 23109 monthly / 75042 total views.
Authors: Jooahri / Aloha
Genres: Korean , Manhwa , Webtoon , Drama , Fantasy , Isekai , Romance
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2019
MPCRS(?): C - Parental Guidance Suggested
Liandro was stricken with a hideous curse at a young age, shunned by his family and rejected by the only people he ever loved. As the supporting character in a novel, he’s doomed to a role of misery and loneliness. That is, until a sympathetic reader is suddenly transported into this fictional world as his lowly maid, determined to change his fate! Can Evelina break Liandro free of his wretched destiny and help him find true love after all? 
Based on the hit novel.
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