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Authors: Gena showalter
Artists: Earithen
Genres: Josei , Action , Demons , Drama , Fantasy , Oneshot , Romance
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Original work: Completed
[The Darkest Night 1] Those crimson eyes look like they want nothing more than to turn this whole world to ash.... But I would die happy if he killed me right now. Ashlyn has a strange power: she hears the voices of the past that linger in this world. Since she was a child, she's lived a noisy and lonesome life. But when she hears the rumors of angels living in an ancient castle in Budapest, she can't help but venture into their forest. There, she sees a muscular man covered in fresh blood, a man who advances on her with murder in his eyes. But instead of fear, she feels a complete and total silence descend upon her. And an indescribable sense of security... [The Darkest Night 2] They were once the beautiful immortal warriors created by the hands of gods. But now, "love" is for them the greatest "sin," their punishment for breaking a great taboo. Before he realizes it, Maddox has fallen deeply in love with Ashlyn. However, his fellow warriors suspect that Ashlyn is a trap sent by their enemies and doubt her motives, watching her every action carefully. with the allegations that have surfaced against Ashlyn, it's looking truer than ever that love between an immortal warrior and a normal human is doomed from the start. But Maddox can neither trust her completely, nor let her get away. What will he do?
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Chapter 2 : [End]
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