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Authors: Gena showalter
Artists: Rurika fuyuki
Genres: Josei , Action , Demons , Drama , Fantasy , Oneshot , Romance
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Original work: Completed
[The Darkest Whisper 1] Gwen's the vessel of the legendary creatures called harpies and, because of that, was caught to be experimented on. Then one day, a brawny warrior by the name of Sabin appears and releases her from her glass cage. Unfortunately, her sense of relief is short-lived. Sabin, in the distant past, suffered the wrath of the gods, and had sealed within him a terrible, dark and suspicious warrior. He wants to use the harpy's natural prowess as a killer, and so takes her back to his castle. There he tells her that she is now his, and he carves his mark into her neck. Gwen bounces between feelings of anxiety and attraction... [The Darkest Whisper 2] “I will protect you, Sabin.” Gwen and Sabin are on the run from a group of fanatics and hunters who are pursuing them, until finally Gwen suffers a deep wound and the chase is ended by Sabin. She just wanted, with all her heart, to protect Sabin. Even though he wants to use her abilities as a harpy, she has still become enamored with him. Evil spirits continue to bewilder and cast suspicion on them through many sinister plots, but they overcome them with their love. Just as they start to fully trust each other, an ironic twist of fate surfaces. After all their hard work of trying to reach each other, they arrive at a final confrontation. What will become of them?
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