My Sweet Wife / Fu Hei Laogong Chong Shangtian / Man Qi Youdu / Man Qi Youdu, Fu Hei Laogong Chong Shangtia / Toxic Love: Pampered Silly by the Black-bellied Husband / 蛮妻有毒,腹黑大叔宠上天 / 엽기적인 아내
Rank: 824th, it has 3429 monthly / 11219 total views.
Authors: Haotoon
Genres: Chinese , Manhua , Webtoon , Shoujo , Action , Comedy , Drama , Military , Romance
Read direction: Left to Right
Release status: Ongoing
Su Sheng Xia , a rebellious, wild and intractable troublemaker who fights a lot at school. Leng Ye Chen, the third master of Leng family. He looks cold and serious on the outside, but deep inside he's a flirty and scheming fox. The first time they meet, Sheng Xia falls for him, but having sworn loyalty as her father's brother, he's her third uncle?! No worries! She is smarter than that! Come and see her how to take down the cold, elegant and scheming General step by step.
Completed : 220 chapters {ch 1-175 from mangatoon, ch 176-220 from webcomics}
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no this is not incest, it's her uncle because he and her dad are sworn brothers (you'll see why)

Chapters (220)

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