Queen's Revenge
Rank: 2012th, it has 2254 monthly / 11489 total views.
Authors: Yeong munyak / Oh yuseon
Genres: Korean , Manhwa , Webtoon , Shoujo , Fantasy , Historical , Romance
MPCRS(?): A - No age restrictions
Wi Mokhwa was given another chance at life. Her first life had been worse than hell, therefore, at her untimely death, life came flowing back into her.

At fifteen, she fell in love easily and believed Lee Gajun to be her destiny. There wouldn’t have been anything more perfect for eternity. However, facing death, Wi Mokhwa had to accept her cruel end. Her life at fifteen had been futile and was where her misery started.

Regretting her life, she was given another chance. This time she has Lee Jejun's sincere feelings to protect her and stand by her side. He was willing to be her light even inside a dark world. This life was not doomed to fail.
Revenge, salvation, and a miracle.

This is her true life, the second life where it all begins again.
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Ep 52-56 rips by Delicee

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