¡Deja de Escribir, Querido Autor! / 主人公受けは俺だった!?〜作家さん、お願いだから連載中止してください!〜 / 절필하세요 작가님!
Rank: 613th, it has 10252 monthly / 38426 total views.
Authors: Gokwoo / Hanro
Genres: Korean , Manhwa , Yaoi , Smut , Comedy , Drama , Romance
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2020
MPCRS(?): G - Prohibited for persons under 18
Hee-wun is the personal assistant of his childhood friend Geon-ju, whose wealthy family took him in when he was a young boy. For years, he’s been nursing a crush on his friend and boss, but Geon-ju seems to have no clue. Sounds like the stuff of BL romance, right? It turns out, Hee-wun’s life actually is. The night before Hee-wun is to start an odd new job for Geon-ju, he comes across a strange BL novel where the main characters have their names. It’s a funny coincidence...until it’s got Hee-wun yelling, “Quit Writing, Dear Author!”
I gave Matchmaker to Manga01 and she created a new page for it so please go here to read it
Matchmaker link: https://bato.to/series/81765/matchmaker

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