Blessed by the Muses / Muse Blessed You / Muse ni Shukufuku Sareshi Mono / Muse ni Shukufuku Sareshi-mono / Muse ni Shukufuku Sareshi-sha / Muse ni Shukufuku Sareshimono / ミューズに祝福されし者 / 受到繆思祝福的人
Rank: 4472nd, it has 160 monthly / 161 total views.
Authors: Himawari souya
Genres: Japanese , Manga , Shounen ai , Romance , School Life
Release status: Completed
Year of Release: 2008
MPCRS(?): F - Prohibited for persons under 16
The Musa Private Academy of Arts has students from across the nation who are interested in music and art. But, something strange happens on this island when "one of the blessed" performs or showcases his art... students who resonate with the piece manifest things in and on themselves...! Keito is a new student who is surprised and sometimes scared by all this, but thankfully, Mr. Shiranui's magically soothing voice works wonders on him... It stirs up some warm fuzzy feelings in him, too, though. A school fantasy with love in the air! Rating : 16+ Uploaded:
Localization by : Renta
Sequel: Muse ni Shukufuku sareshi Mono