Blessed by the Muses -Our Love Song- / ミューズに祝福されし者~Liebeslieder・I~
Rank: 3865th, it has 258 monthly / 259 total views.
Authors: Himawari souya
Genres: Japanese , Manga , Shounen ai , Romance , School Life
Release status: Completed
Year of Release: 2014
MPCRS(?): F - Prohibited for persons under 16
It's a new school year at the Musa Private Academy of Arts, and with it comes Sakurado, a transfer student who is also "blessed by the muses."
Mr. Shiranui is a little worried about having him become friends with Keito, though.
One day, Mr. Shiranui asks Sakurado to let him hear a song he wrote and ends up getting sick because of it.
Keito comes to see Mr. Shiranui, and... has Sakurado inadvertently helped the two get closer together!?

A long-awaited new volume of the popular mini fantasy series... including Mr. Shiranui's backstory, too!! Rating : 16+ Uploaded:
Localization by : Renta
Muse ni Shukufuku Sareshisha (Prequel)
Muse ni Shukufuku Sareshisha (Prequel)