Konna Koi ni Naru Nante / The Love You'd Least Expect / こんな恋になるなんて / 意想不到的戀愛 / 続・こんな恋になるなんて
Rank: 10169th, it has 441 monthly / 4.9K total views.
Authors: Haruyama moto
Artists: Haruyama moto
Genres: Manga , Yaoi , Romance
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Release status: Completed
Year of Complete: 2016
Office worker Kida loves his private time and prefers silence to socializing. But one day, the previously empty seat next to him is filled by salesman Takamura, turning his peaceful days upside-down! Takamura drags him out to eat lunch every day and chats with him constantly. Plus, it turns out they live in the same company apartment block, and ever since then, Takamura won't stop barging into Kida's place...! Kida would never have taken this lying down before, but Takamura has him strangely charmed... But why...? A puppy-like playboy meets a serious, socially awkward introvert in this tortured, bittersweet office romance! The Love You'd Least Expect: Continued: Chapter 3 After a bumpy beginning, the positive, puppy-like Takamura and the shy, negative Kida are finally lovers. Takamura, who can't stop brimming with passion for Kida, is inflamed by his every move. He's tiring poor Kida out with a life of non-stop romping. Feeling bad for the feeble, indoorsy Kida, Takamura decides things can't go on like this, and starts doing his best to avoid interacting with Kida, who keeps obliviously turning him on...! This is the sequel to the action-packed manga "The Love You'd Least Expect"! Rating : 18+ Uploaded: Bato.to Localization by : Renta Be My Baby (Haruyama Moto) (Main Story)
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