I Don't Need Love! / I Don't Want Love! / Ore wa Ren'ai nanka Motometenai! / 俺は恋愛なんか求めてない! / 意外的恋爱史 / 非意図的恋愛談 / 비의도적 연애담
Rank: 493rd, it has 12805 monthly / 25099 total views.
Authors: Pibi
Genres: Korean , Manhwa , Yaoi , Drama , Romance
Release status: Ongoing
Wonyoung gets unjustly suspended from work after getting caught up in a corruption scandal. But when he accidentally discovers the chairman's favorite artist Yoon Taejun living under an alias, he is tasked with a tricky new mission. Could this be Wonyoung's chance to get his job back?

Chapters (57)

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