Jiyang nu de Fuchou
Rank: 653rd, it has 5381 monthly / 5497 total views.
Authors: 岛上project
Genres: Chinese , Manhua , Shoujo , Drama , Reincarnation , Romance , School Life
Read direction: Left to Right
Release status: Completed
Year of Release: 2019
Year of Complete: 2021
MPCRS(?): C - Parental Guidance Suggested
Rebirth! Those betrayals of lover, friends, and family… all of these, she wants revenge!
The road to revenge is hard. Where is the way I can find my own happiness?
Yolanda, 27 years old, was abandoned by her boyfriend, her family was destroyed, and she decided to end her own life. Unexpectedly, her soul reincarnated in a 15 years old orphan who also killed herself. Two girls with the same name and the same bitter fate. She woke up and decided to take revenge. Although the road is extremely difficult, please still go ahead without fear.

Chapters (96)

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