Wo Bi Ni Weixian; Wǒ Bǐ Nǐ Wéixiǎn; 我比你危险
Rank: 2999th, it has 1268 monthly / 1564 total views.
Authors: An de / Zhuang zhuang
Genres: Chinese , Manhua , Shoujo ai , Yuri , Mature , Mystery , Romance , School Life
Release status: Ongoing
MPCRS(?): E - Prohibited for persons under 14
When Jiang Wanshu met Ren Pingsheng, what she thought was her light, became the beginning of her nightmare. As a teacher, Ren Pingsheng seems gentle and considerate on the outside, but is secretly an extremely passionate reader of Jiang Wanshu’s book. What seemed to be a “coincidental” first encounter was in truth calculated and planned.

Behind the peaceful days, the crazy reader has begun her hunt…
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