Negai wo Kanaete Moraou to Akuma wo Shoukan Shitakedo, Kawaikattanode Kekkonshimashita ~ Akuma no Niidzuma ~ / 悪魔の新妻 願いを叶えてもらおうと悪魔を召喚したけど、可愛かったので結婚しました ~悪魔の新妻~ / Conjuré al Diablo para que me cumpliera un deseo, pero me casé con ella porque ella era adorable ~Mi Nueva Esposa Diabólica~
Rank: 2333rd, it has 1855 monthly / 1865 total views.
Authors: Shiryu / Tonari keru
Genres: Japanese , Manga , Ecchi , Adaptation , Comedy , Demons , Fantasy , Romance , Shota
Release status: Ongoing
Young orphaned adventurer tries summoning the devil to help his career as his own skills are lacking. The devil comes in form of a beauty who offers to grant him one wish. He’s so enamored with her appearance that he asks her the first thought in his mind, to be his wife. She blushingly agrees to his surprising demand and they go on to future adventures together.