860,000 Yen no Hatsukoi / 86万円の初恋 / First Love of 860,000 Yen / Первая любовь стоимостью в 860 000 иен
Rank: 3766th, it has 916 monthly / 930 total views.
Authors: Rocky
Genres: Japanese , Manga , Yaoi , Romance
Release status: Ongoing
“A weird guy nests in my house. He’s flashy, has long hair, and is good at making coffee. That’s all I know about this beautiful guy.”

A story between a freewheeling kind of guy and a conservatively dressed and quiet virgin with glasses. “I’ve never felt this sweet sensation before.” “I have a feeling that one day soon I’ll have to tell him I’m a virgin. And I don’t like the idea.”, thinks Kiyatake, who works as a librarian in a local library. He was obliged to allow Sato, who crashed into his place just like an accident faker, to live in his house. Sato looks pushy and spontaneous at the same time…

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Chapter 1
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