Akdangegesarangeul Gangyo Batgo Itseumnida / El Villano exige que lo Ame / I'm Being Forced to Love by a Villain / 악당에게 사랑을 강요받고 있습니다
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Genres: Korean , Manhwa , Josei , Comedy , Fantasy , Historical , Romance
Read direction: Right to Left
Senia Sunsethill longs to escape her mundane village life. So when the infamous cold-blooded Duke Tesar Ardielle asks for her hand in marriage, Senia agrees, if only to leave behind her suffocating life (and to stop Tesar from crying all the time)! Unbeknownst to Senia, she and Tesar shared a life in the past, and the two have been reincarnated over and over again, although each time has ended tragically. In this new timeline, can Tesar truly prevent Senia's doomed destiny, once and for all?
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Chapter 4 : I Do!
Lovelyme 1.4K + 2.9K 79 days ago
Chapter 1 : Marry Me!
Lovelyme 2.4K + 4.6K 82 days ago
Chapter 0 : Prologue
Lovelyme 2.7K + 5.9K 90 days ago