The Evil Sorceress Plans to Survive! (2021) / The Evil Sorceress Plans to Survive! / The Evil Witch's Survival Plan / The Villainess' Survival Plan / The Villainess's Survival Plan / План спасения злодейки / 反派魔女自救计划 (2021) / 反派魔女自救计划
Rank: 186th, it has 26.7K monthly / 109.4K total views.
Authors: Chengzi / Hotread
Artists: Chou te jung
Genres: Manhua , Shoujo , Drama , Fantasy , Full Color , Historical , Isekai , Romance
Original language: Chinese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Left to Right
Release status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2021
Ophelia's destined to be the antagonist of the story, persecuted for her wicked ways and lack of magical powers… until she gets a second chance. Aware of her fate, she makes amends for her notorious reputation and gathers allies, including the heroine, who's also her half-sister. How will her destiny change once these former rivals become best friends and she saves the lives of her father and steadfast bodyguard? If a visit from a strange spirit is an indicator, things are no longer by the book!
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This is the 2021 version of the canceled 2019 version

Chapters (38)

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Chapter 37 : Dark Magic
xxrosie 2.4K + 3.9K 12 days ago
Chapter 27 : Dead Last
xxrosie 5.9K + 12.1K 82 days ago
Chapter 22 : The Chamber
xxrosie 6.4K + 13.6K 101 days ago
Chapter 14 : Dance Off
xxrosie 6.3K + 13.4K 108 days ago
Chapter 12 : Having a Ball
xxrosie 6.2K + 13.1K 108 days ago
Chapter 11 : Ready or Not
xxrosie 6.4K + 14.2K 111 days ago



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